By Kartikey Totewar, MBA from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (2019)

Do you remember this advertisement?

I am sure most of you can recall the Mountain Dew’s famous Superbowl commercial where the Cheetah grabs the guy’s Mountain Dew and guy chases him. This advertisement skyrocketed the sales of this brand.

Do you know what is so iconic about this advertisement? Or let me rephrase the question. What are the common features that you find in the best advertisements?

They undergo a successful communication filter. Let me simplify this marketing jargon for creating advertisements. This filter tells you to keep in mind two things before creating an advertisement. Is the advertisement engaging, simple and original? And is the product the central part of the story? i.e. the story should revolve around the product to ingrain the product in the customer’s minds.

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