Philip Garside

the man behind the book

Why you should listen to Philip Garside

Philip is a consultant in employee relations to a number of the world’s best practice private, public and community organisations. But he became frustrated by the number of times even these organisations ignore their own stated intentions and criteria and choose the wrong person for the job.

Why does this happen so often? Philip began researching selection processes, particularly resumes and interviews. He sat in on more than a hundred selection processes, not as a participant, but as an observer; watching and learning. What are they really looking for? What factors do they respond to? What are the key questions? What are good and bad answers to these questions? Why do they choose one candidate over others who are equally or often better qualified?

This research is what puts Philip’s work ahead of other advice. It is fact based. Other advice is usually opinion, but only broad based research can tell you what is statistically most likely to work.

With his best selling book The Secrets to Getting a Job, supporting videos and podcasts, Philip will coach you through the selection process from start to finish in ways that are engaging, detailed and easily understood.

Getting a job is a game. Put the odds in your favour.