Getting a job is a game

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“Current selection processes do not work. Your ability to do the job is rarely tested, only your ability to play this silly bureaucratic game. You should never attach your self-esteem to this process”

Can’t get an interview?
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Welcome to The Secrets to Getting a Job.

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The revised, updated and expanded 3d edition of The Secrets to Getting a Job is now available as an eBook.
Philip’s revolutionary, research-based, commonsense approach gives you his researched insight into what really goes on in the selection process and how to manage every stage from application, writing better CVs and resumes, to handling tricky questions at interview.

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If you’re serious about getting that job, you’re going to want these videos . You’re sitting across the table from Philip as he takes you step by step through everything you need to do.

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Do you get depressed when you don’t get a job you want?  Philip’s research convinced him that the selection process is deeply flawed and good people are often its victims.


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When Philip Garside published the 2nd edition of The Secrets to Getting a Job it went straight to the top of the best-seller lists and helped thousands of people get the jobs they wanted. It also became the most stolen book in public libraries right across the country! Now, there’s a revised, updated and expanded 3d edition to give you your best shot in the contemporary job market.

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